Diwali Wallpapers 2013: Diwali Festival Wishes Photos & Pictures

This post will provide you latest and fresh Diwali Wall Papers with HD and animation that you can share it on twitter facebook as cover picture. these are diwali wishes pictures are taken from various source of internet. you can check the best diwali wallpapers for all diwali festival like dhanteras, choti diwali, lakshi puja and all extra.

Diwali Wallpapers 2013: Diwali Festival Wishes Photos & Pictures

Diwali Wallpapers 2013: Diwali Festival Wishes Photos & Pictures

Diwali Wallpapers 2013: Diwali Festival Wishes Photos & Pictures

Diwali Wallpapers 2013: Diwali Festival Wishes Photos & Pictures

Diwali Wallpapers 2013: Diwali Festival Wishes Photos & Pictures

Diwali Wallpapers 2013: Diwali Festival Wishes Photos & Pictures

Diwali Wallpapers 2013: Diwali Festival Wishes Photos & Pictures

Diwali Wallpapers 2013: Diwali Festival Wishes Photos & Pictures

So, guys did you liked the wall papers? The animated Diya wallpaper is at the first, 2nd is diwali celebration picture, 3rd wall paper is again diwali diya, 4th wall paper is for lakshmi puja cum dhanteras, 5th wallpaper is of laxmiji for those who wants dhanteras 2013 wallpapers, 6th wallpaper is of diwali wishes, 7th wall paper is again diwali wishes,and last is again best hd wallpaper for diwali celebration and wishes.

Diwali Discount Bumpper Sale Offer by Snapdeal.com

This post will provide you Diwali 2013 Bumper Sale from Snapdeal.com for this diwali 2013. As again, Snapdeal is back with the bumpper sale for their customers.

Diwali Discount Bumpper Sale Offer by Snapdeal.com

On this diwali, you can buy Micromax A115 Canvas 3D at Rs.8249 from snapdeal. Also you will get Flat Rs.750 off on any laptop you buy online from snapdeal.com

You can also buy Canon EOS 1100D EF-S 18-55MM ISII At just Rs.21,999 only. Sunglasses at Rs.599 only.Lotto Sport shoes start at Rs.849 only. Printed Sareers are available at Rs.499 and man’s trousers have Flat Rs.749 price.

Printed tights and boy’s T-shirts are available at Rs.399 and Rs.179 respectively.Other sports tools and Massage Starting also available at discount rate.Like tennis table is available at Rs.9999 only also Books for GATE and JEE Main are available at 45% discount.

You can get Car Audio and Video player at 10% discount rate.you can get Gold coins at discount rate. 2Gram at Rs.6339, 5G at Rs.15889 and 10Gm at Rs.31541 only.

Nokia Lumia Diwali Upgrade Offers – Exchange Offers

This post provide you the Diwali offer from Nokia Mobile phones india for upgrading your own (any) mobile phone with Nokia Lumia Series smartphone (Windows Phone).

Nokia Lumia Diwali Upgrade Offers

Nokia Lumia Diwali Upgrade Offers - Exchange Offers

This Diwali 2013,  you can upgrade your old mobile phone with smartphone nokia lumia series. Nokie offers Indian customers to Exchange their old smartphone with the new one. Below is the detail description of the Nokia Diwali Upgrade Offers for india customers.

This Diwali Exchange your old phone for a new nokia lumia at great and cheapest price.

You can exchange your old phone with Latest new Nokia Lumia 625 for just Rs.14919 (exchange price). The Exchange price of Nokia Lumia 925 Is Rs.28529 (exchange price). Also you can upgrade to Nokia Lumia 620 for Rs.9999 (exchange price) and Nokia Lumia 520 Rs.7289 (exchange price).

This price are taken from the official website of the Nokia india with due respect of the Nokia Diwali upgrade offer.

The People who are interested in this offer must note down that this offer is valid till October 2013 / till stocks last. For more information about nokia diwali offers, you can visit the official website of the Nokia india.

This offer is available on all the leading electronics stores of your city as well as on the all the leading online shopping portals of india. 

You can also check out the latest phone that are going to lunch on this diwali 2013, at the below mentioned link.

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Diwali Offer on Laptop Desktops – Discount Rate, Pirce List and Best Deals

This post will give you information about the latest diwali offer on Laptop, Desktop, accessories. Below is the few best offer for diwali 2013 shopping, check it out.
Diwali Offer on Laptop Desktops

Lenovo Offer – Laptop Desktop offer

This Diwlai Lenovo offers you Free Accessories worth Rs.2500/ on buy of any laptop desktop of lenovo. Lenovo india offers Sleek headset, USB Speakers and Wireless mouse with laptops and wireless headset with all in ones, which is worth rs.2500 only.

HP Laptop Desktop offer

This diwali you can Buy any HP Touch Notebook and get offers worth Rs.11399 free. you can get Free 3 year extended warranty worth Rs.6,000 or Free HP gift voucher worth Rs.4,000 or Free Norton Internet Security for 12 months worth Rs.1399. This offer is valid till 10th November 2013.

Dell Offers on Desktop and Laptops

Dell is back with their best Diwali Offer for 2013. This diwali you can Buy any Dell laptops and desktops and get an assured gift with every purchase.Also get up to 50% discount on Dell service upgrade. This offer is valid till 5th November 2013.

Asus Laptop Gift Offers

This diwlai you can buy any laptop of Ausu and Get an assured gift and get lucky to win Tata Nano, Bike, LED TV or Gift Card. Notebook price starts from Rs.19990. This offer is valid for  October 2013 (Limited Period Offers)

Diwali Offer for Buy Online New LED, LCE TV on the Discount Rate

This post will provide you with all latest Diwali offer for buy online new LED, LCE TV on the discount rate. What are the latest Diwali offer for Samsung TV and Diwali offer for LG, Toshiba, Sony Bravia LED TV with discount rate and price for it.

Diwali Offer From Samsung on LCD, LED TV

latest diwali offer for buy online new LED, LCE TV on the discount rate

This diwali 2013, you can buy any Samsung LCD LED TV and get assured gift from samsung india. you can save upto Rs.6000/- for LCD, LED, home theater price. Make sure you buy it before 31st October, 2013, as its a last date of this offer.

On this festival season, samsung come up with best diwali offer for their customer. on LCD TV, you will get FREE 22 inch of LCD TV worth Rs.23,000 with each 55/46/40 inch LED TV of samsung.

The latest offer on LED Tv is you can get Free Hi definition DVD player worth Rs.5900/- with each 55/46/40 inch LED TV of samsung.

Free DVD Player Samsung P490 worth rs.4490/- with each 32 inch LED TV. Also you will get 50 movies free DVD pack with any 26/22 inch LED Tv.

you can also buy New LG 22 LN4055 22″ LED TV HD Ready USB Movie IPS Panel+ LOWCOST+BEST PRICE at Rs.11,775 only.

you can buy Toshiba 32″ FULL HD 1920*1080 LED TV 32PT200ZE 3 Yr Toshiba Warranty  at price of Rs.25,332 only. R40 – SONY BRAVIA – HD LED TV – 32 inch R402A (the latest best LCD TV ) at rs.29,952 only.

Price list of Sivakasi Fireworks – Crackers Price in Sivakasi

This post will provide you the Price list of Sivakasi Fireworks – Crackers of wholesale price. you can buy this fireworks online too from online portal at 30% discount only. This is the price list of Diwali Crackers from Sri Senthi Crackers.

Price list of Sivakasi Fireworks – Crackers Price in Sivakasi

Price list of Sivakasi Fireowrks - Crackers Price in Sivakasi

Sri Senthi Crackers
3A, South Street, Aruppukottai – 626101.
Contact: 94434 18999, 98651 28511, 99625 11010
S. No Name of the Product Price
1 7CM Electric Deluxe Sparklers (10pcs) 12.00
2 7CM Crackling Deluxe Sparklers (10pcs) 12.00
3 10CM Mega Electric Sparklers (10pcs) 24.00
4 10CM Mega Crackling Sparklers (10pcs) 24.00
5 12CM Amazing Electric Sparklers (10pcs) 30.00
6 12CM Amazing Cracking Sparklers (10pcs) 30.00
7 15CM Wonder Electric Sparklers (10pcs) 45.00
8 15CM Wonder Crackling Sparklers (10pcs) 45.00
9 15CM Konica Green/Red Sparklers (10pcs) 50.00
10 30CM Giant Electric Sparklers (5pcs) 45.00
11 30CM Giant Crackling Sparklers (5pcs) 45.00
12 30CM Monica Green/Red Sparklers (5pcs) 50.00
13 50 CM Super Mix Sparklers (5pcs) 150.00
14 Ground Chakkar Big (10 pcs) 35.00
15 Ground Chakkar Ashoka (10 pcs) 55.00
16 Ground Chakkar Special (10 pcs) 65.00
17 Ground Chakkar Deluxe (10 pcs) 75.00
18 45CM Twinkling Star (10 pcs) 35.00
19 120CM Twinkling Star (10 pcs) 60.00
20 Flower Pots Small (10 pcs) 45.00
21 Flower Pots Big (10 pcs) 65.00
22 Flower Pots Special (10 pcs) 75.00
23 Flower Pots Ashoka (10 pcs) 120.00
24 Color Koti Super Delux Window Box (2 pcs) 105.00
25 Colour Koti Window Box (5 pcs) 175.00
26 Pencil Foils (10 pcs) 35.00
27 Magnetic Torches Gift Pencil 75.00
28 Fancy Rocket 40.00
29 Color Rocket 70.00
30 Rocket Bomb 105.00
31 Double Sound Rocket 180.00
32 Bullet Bom 25.00
33 Atom Bomb Green 40.00
34 Hydrogen Bomb Green 60.00
35 King of King Green 90.00
36 Classic Deluxe Bomb 110.00
37 Mega Bomb 180.00
38 2” Small Laxmi (5 pcs) 7.00
39 2 1/4″ Bird (Kuruvi) (5 pcs) 12.00
40 3 1/2 Medium Lakshmi (5 pcs) 20.00
41 4″ Big Lakshmi (5 pcs) 25.00
42 Deluxe Lakshmi (5 pcs) 30.00
43 Two Sound (5 pcs) 40.00
44 Red Bijili – 100 pcs 35.00
45 Stripped Bijili Gold Pack – 100 pcs 40.00
46 Deluxe Crackers – 28 Agni Putra Park 75.00
47 24 Donton Deluxe 60.00
48 28 Gaint 25.00
49 28 Chorsa 20.00
50 100 Wala Garland 40.00
51 200 Wala Garland 80.00
52 300 Wala Garland 115.00
53 600 Wala Garland 220.00
54 1000 Wala Garland 350.00
55 2000 Wala Garland 700.00
56 3000 Wala Garland 950.00
57 5000 Wala Garland 1750.00
58 10000 Wala Garland 3300.00
59 Assorted Cartoon 30.00
60 Electric Stone 30.00
61 Jee Boom Ba 30.00
62 Kit Kat & Tip Top 45.00
63 Butterfly 125.00
64 Big Screen 2Pcs 220.00
65 Midnight Melody (Siren) (10 Pcs) 240.00
66 Bagpiper (Siren) (5 pcs) 240.00
67 Snow Dove 3Pcs 135.00
68 Golden Dove 3Pcs 135.00
69 Asrafi Pops 10Pcs 140.00
70 Crackling Pop 10Pcs 150.00
71 Feather Pops 10Pcs 160.00
72 Tricolor Candle 10Pcs 275.00
73 HiTek YoYo 5Pcs 160.00
74 Chotta Rangoli 10Pcs 50.00
75 Golden Rush 3pcs 210.00
76 Boom Bomb Shakalaka 3pcs 210.00
77 Red Festive Candle 10pcs 165.00
78 Pops & Drops 5pcs 150.00
79 Circus 5pcs 250.00
80 Magic Pop (3 pcs) 275.00
81 Zeneth Red & Green 225.00
82 Fancy Disco Wheel 5Pcs 150.00
83 Disco Wheel 10Pcs 150.00
84 Chiny Chick Smiz 90.00
85 Online (6 pcs) 205.00
86 Star Win (6 pcs) 205.00
87 Lazer Show (6Pcs) 205.00
88 Silver Spring (1 pc) 280.00
89 Lucky Spring (1 pc) 280.00
90 Crackling Foundation (1 pc) 280.00
91 Star Dom (1 pc) 175.00
92 Baby Candle (5 pc) 210.00
93 Mines Pencil (1 pc) 140.00
94 Sky Gel 10pcs 320.00
95 Fly Machine 10pcs 320.00
96 Time Time – Ball Flower Pots (5 pcs) 280.00
97 Coco -Ball Flower Pots (5 pcs 280.00
98 Magic Pots (6 pcs) 220.00
99 Angel War 10pcs 125.00
100 Fox (1 pc) 60.00
101 Green Chilly (3 pcs) 180.00
102 High 2pcs 180.00
103 Easy 2pcs 180.00
104 Super Key 3pcs 210.00
105 Cat-X (6 pcs) 180.00
106 Red Tail Aerial Bom 5pcs 110.00
107 7 shots – 5pcs 175.00
108 12 Shots 275.00
109 25 Shots 550.00
110 50 Shots 1100.00
111 120 Shots 2250.00
112 1″ Fancy All Varieties (1pc) 225.00
113 2″ Fancy All Varieties (1pc) 325.00
114 3″ Fancy All Varieties (1pc) 425.00
115 Super Nova 750.00
116 Roll Cap 75.00
117 Black Serpent 20.00
118 Anaconda Serpent 25.00

How to order online for shivakasi crackers?

Payments & Other Instructions:

  • you can Send your crackers/fireworks requirement through e-Mail – sivakasifireworks.in@gmail.com
  • you can call Mr.Murugappan at +91 94434 18999 (or) +91 98651 28511 regarding discounts, purchase, tax, shipping and payment details for sivakasi fireworks.
  • Goods will be dispatched only on receipt of 100% payment in advance
  • Kindly deposit CASH / CHEQUE / NEFT / RTGS in the following Bank A/c No.
  • Karur Vysya Bank – “Sri Senthi Crackers” – A/c No. 1709115000000919 – Branch – Aruppukottai, IFS Code: KVBL0001709
  • Bank Charges should be borne by the customer
  • Goods once sold cannot be taken or exchanged.

You can also check out the best crackers price and latest animated crackers too. for more offer details and other information, keep visiting us.

Latest Fireworks for Diwali 2013 – Animated Diwali Crackers

This post will provide you the best pictures for Fireworks of the Diwali Crackers. There are lots of new crackers available this year in the market of crackers. We have already provided you with the price list of crackers.

Now, here i am going to provide you with the latest Fireworks for the Diwali session. This year there are lots of new crackers available in the diwali market. like below i have mentioned few of them, do check it.

1. Electric Deluxe Sparklers – The price of Sparklers starts from Rs.12 per piece. you can try the try the best among the sparklers in the market. Below is the image of the sparklers.

Latest Fireworks for Diwali 2013 - Animated Diwali Crackers

2. Chakkar :- There are many types of chakkar available like, Big, Ashoka, deluxe and special chakkar. which price are very from Rs.35-Rs.75 only.

Latest Fireworks for Diwali 2013 - Animated Diwali Crackers

3. Bombs :- As the most favorite cracker item Bombs are in the market. There are lots of type of bombs available like atom bombs, Hydrogen bombs, king kong bombs, Classic Deluxe Bomb and mega bombs. Their Price range between Rs.40-180 for one packate.

Latest Fireworks for Diwali 2013 - Animated Diwali Crackers

 4. Garland – There are lots of garland is available in market like 100 wala, 200 wala, 300 wala, 600 wala, 1000 wala, 2000 wala, 5000 wala and so on. Their price range between 40-3000.

Latest Fireworks for Diwali 2013 - Animated Diwali Crackers

Soon, going to provide you the sivakasi fireworks price list for all the crackers. for more things related to diwali, keep visiting us. Happy Diwali :)

2013 Diwali Muhurat – Diwali Puja Auspicious Time

Diwali is the festival for which people waits eagerly. The festival of lights is celebrated with lots of happiness and cheerfulness. If worshiped on the given Diwali Muhurat, goddess Lakshmi gives prosperity and blessings. People always look for the right Diwali Muhurat to do puja and begin something.

Diwali Muhurat for 2013 - Diwali Puja Auspicious Time

Diwali is the festival of five days –

  • Dhanteras
  • Kali Chaudash or Narak chaturdashi
  • Diwali
  • New Year or Govardhan puja
  • Bhaiduj
This days are known as Diwali days and the main day of it the third day. If Diwali pujan and Dhanteras pujan is done on appropriate Muhurat then prosperity is comes to your way. To do puja on proper Muhurat we have mentioned timing for puja of Dhanteras or shri kuber puja 2013.

Dhanteras pujan Muhurat

According to Hindu calendar on the day of Dhanteras dated on 1st November 2013 in evening and in pradosh kaal the Muhurat for shri kuber pujan will begin. You can take benefit of occasion from sunrise to 09:32 PM.

Diwali pujan Muhurat

Diwali pujan is done on the fixed ascendants and here are the fixed ascendants for Diwali night.
Leo ascendant – 01:39 to 02:57
Aquarius ascendant – 01:41 to 03:09
Taurus ascendant – 06:10 to 08:00

We hope that this information helps you to schedule your propitious rituals at home this Diwali. These timing are stated as per the Hindu calendar and it is the correct timing for performing a puja. Follow Diwali puja vidhi and get blessings of lord Ganesha and goddess Lakshmi. 

What is best than getting a change in your life with wealth and happiness? Why not do something special this Diwali and enjoy at fullest? Get some Diwali ideas and have fun with your family. Wish you a happy Diwali and prosperous New Year!

Flipkart.com Diwali 2013 Discount Offer – Happy Diwali 2013

This post will let you know the offer details, discount rates of Flipkart.com for Diwali 2013 offer. Flipkart has announced the discount cum diwali offer for their customers. It is called FlipKart Diwali Bonanza. 

Flipkart Diwali Cyber Sale – Browse Exclusive Discount Coupons; Latest Offers at Flipkart. Buy Product Online at Discounted Price in India – Flipkart Offers Zone.

Flipkart.com Diwali 2013 Discount Offer - Happy Diwali 2013

Whats the offer and how much discount i will get?

Well, there are different offers. you can visit the offer page to get more about the Diwali offer from flipkart.com. Still i am summarizing the offer by below words:-

  • You will get 15% cash back on purchase of more then Rs.10000 by Standard chartered cards.
  • Up to 20% off plus assured cash back on every laptop.
  • Extra 25% off on every Watches which cost more then 2000.
  • Exchange offers on laptop and mobiles
  • Flat 45% off on best selling perfumes.
  • Flat 30% off on home appliance.
  • Minimum 50% off on Skullcandy Headphones & Headsets
  • Flat 30% off on Footwear’s
  • Up to 25% off on skin care
  • Flat 50% off on Badminton gear
  • 10 % off on purchase of 3 or more books
  • Up to 60% off on Games
  • flat 30% off on Fitness products

For more offers and to buy online go to http://www.flipkart.com/offers/ now :)  for these offers you don’t need coupon codes to buy via flipkart.com. to get to know more about the Diwali offers. keep visiting us.

We wish you All Happy Diwali 2013.

Diwali 2013 Offer by Clertrip.com [Coupon code]

Clertrip.com has announced the new Cash back offer for domestic round trip flights booked on Cleartrip. These cash back offer is ending on 15th October, 2013.

 Diwali 2013 Offer by Clertrip.com [Coupon code]

Whenever you go to book tickets at Clertrip.com just use this coupon CTDIWALIFB to get rs.500 of instant discount for free.

How to book & avail instant cashback ?

  • Book any domestic roundtrip flight online or on your mobile.
  • Simply enter coupon code CTDIWALIFB before making payment using your debit / credit card.
  • The cashback will be instantly deducted from the total amount payable.
  • Valid for bookings made from 01 October 2013 to 15 October 2013. Please ensure that your travel dates are between 01 November to 15 November 2013.

To get more knowledge about this offer, kindly visit this link now. Thank you! :)